The DUXS started when a group of PT Cruiser owning  friends realised that they were all fed up with the whole “club politics” thing.

They were sick and tried of all the arguing and bad feeling that comes about with a conventionally run car club.


The DUXS were formed or “hatched” with NO rules, No committee, No subscriptions.

 Just a commitment to have FUN and enjoy American cars, music and culture.



We do not have a committee or leadership and are against any form of

"club politics"


Please DO NOT ask to join the DUXS, if you are to become a DUCK you will be invited.


You can however become an “Honorary Duck” (again by invitation only)


a Friend or Supporter of the DUXS by simply joining in the FUN


(Friends of the DUXS or DUXS supporters have been known to carry a rubber duck in their car windows)

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