This page is for 300C Hints, Tips and How to's, most are based on the CRD, but some are relevent to the petrol models . Just click on the links


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Petmans best 0 to 60 time running the Drake2 Tuning Box

Petman's 0 to 60 time running a full engine remap




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0 to 60



How To    Front Suspension

Replacing the Tension Struts

How to replace the Lower Control Arms

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IMG_0265 1463566_693953127316674_1912331399_n HELP THE WORKSHOP !! IMG_0166 untitled How to System Check Buyers Guide TSB List Front Anti Roll Bar Bushes

Tips and Info 

Check Your Wiring !! Front Stone/Heat Shield Fix Parking Brake Cable Check Throttle Position Reset Oil Filter Fitting Tip Drop Links or ARB Link Bars Top arms....The easy way Track Rod Ends


Catch Can for the CRD?? Ethanal in fuel and its effects Testinng for Ethanol in Petrol Tyre Pressure Sensors Pollen/Cabin Filter
Master Cylinder Water Trap
Trans Fluid & Filter
Parking Brake Adjustment

Other How to's

Cranking but no start or slow to start ?


Car stuck in Park ?


Trouble starting from cold



No cranking ?

The Key Dance Rattle from the front ? Hidden menu/ The Easter Egg No cranking ?
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ABS Tone Ring