Handbrake Adjustment Tip

Credit for this one must go to DREDD a UK Cruiser member


If you are having difficulty adjusting your handbrake through the small window in the backplate, drill a hole in the brakedrum and hub from the front for better access


If you imagine a  circle drawn around the outer edge of the wheel nut holes, this is where you want to drill, I use a final hole of 10mm but drill the holes in stages using a 5 then an 8mm before the final 10. Its pretty easy going, even with a cordless drill. Make your holes at the 12 o clock position, that way you will not damage anything inside the drum as you push the bit through


The adjustment wheel is then easy  to see with the aid of a torch and handbrake adjustment is now a breeze


That extra hole makes adjusting the handbrake sooo easy! Just remember to aline both the drum hole and the hub hole up when putting the drum back on

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