Here you can see what Petman (The Head Quacker) gets up to in his workshop and also read the "How to's" he's posted for some of the common problems and service jobs on the Chrysler PT Cruiser, 300c and other late model MOPAR's















The workshop was originally a conservatory which was intended to house Petman's reptile and tarantula collection but when it was found to be too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, it was later decided to convert the room into a workshop and office.

               To do this the polycarbonate roof was removed and replaced with solid roof and the windows were blocked off and plastered over. A small office area (which has become the gun room) was then constructed by partitioning the end of the room off and adding an access  door. The workshop area was then fitted out with numerous powerpoints, a worktop and storage cupboards. As you can see from the pictures the whole workshop was then given an American Diner theme.

               The office area was also fitted out with storage cupboards and contains the main computer, printer/scanner  etc as well as the DVR and monitor for the CCTV system (BIG Thankyou to Ed the Duck for supplying and installing this system) which includes remote access via the internet and the intruder alarm for the whole house as well as the electric gate for the garage area) The office has now become a secure gun room and houses my air gun collection as well as a workbench and tools to service and repair rifles and pistols


Worktop area and "toy" storage

View looking towards the office

The bar area

Night shot


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