Handbrake Backplate repair

If you are finding it hard to adjust the handbrake or only have a handbrake on one side check your backplates, for a rotting handbrake shoe pivot.

 I have come across this problem only twice, but it can be an expensive and tricky repair.......unless you make a repair plate

I make them from 3mm stainless steel (but normal steel will do) that is formed into a small plate with a 4mm notch to take the handbrake arm and a hole that is used to secure it using one of the original back-plate mounting bolts (no drill of the backplate is needed)


This saves buying a new black plate, and a lot of work, as it seems that the backplate is a bugger to get off, because its stuck on with some sort of black goo!!


Just hammer the rotted part flat then use the existing bolt to secure the new plate (Thanks to Daffy Duck and Peking Duck for the use of their car)