Please check your wiring. NOW!


I have had owner's with all sorts of problems, ranging from the engine warning light coming on, to the engine cutting out while driving!


So please;


                 Lift your hood (bonnet) and remove your engine cover (it just pulls off and is secured by rubber cups that fit over posts attached to the engine)

                 Now look for the 2 silver pipes running along the right side of the engine, between the engine itself and the inner wing,now check the bundles of wires running through this area for signs of rubbing either against the pipes or the inner wing.

                 All cars should have had this problem checked when serviced by the dealer, as there was a TSB ( Technical Service Bulletin) issued by the factory. I have noticed on some cars that the clips that hold the wires to the pipes have been moved and insulation tape added, but the wires were still rubbing! so please check yours



                 If rubbing is found, check to see if any of the wires have been damaged, if they have isolate that wire from the rest and wrap it with a few turns of insulation tape, then wrap the whole bundle of wire with the tape, I also reposition the wires to stop them rubbing or you may add some form of shield (see last picture)


(4 out of 5 cars I checked recently had signs of rubbing)


Look for the 2 pipes running along the righthand side of the engine,as you stand at the front

Here is a shot with the engine cover removed.You can now get your hands down and move the wires around for a better look

This is what you could find,but most I have come across have rubbing to to outer mesh only


Here is a good idea, make a shield from a piece of plastic (in this case a milk carton) and secure it with a couple of cable ties


        (Thanks Dangerous Duck for the picture and idea)


This one was spotted at the Krispy Kreme monthly meet (Feb 2013). Looks like it was caught just in time


              ( Thanks to  the Bistoekid‏ for the picture)