Remove the grill, by removing the 4 small screws (2 each side) and using a long screwdriver to push down the clips at the sides


Undo the temp sensor in the middle of the rad and release the bracket


Now remove the slam panel ( the panel that holds the bonnet catch) as you remove the panel catch the rubber rings that locate the rad.

 You don't have to disconnect the hood release cable, just put the whole thing up on the right of the engine bay out of the way


Now pull the rad towards you and wedge it with something ( I use a spanner wrapped in a rag on the right side of the rad) or get a mate to hold it back


You can now see the pipe, undo the top jubilee clip and slide it down the pipe, then put out the spring clip at the bottom (Its like a big C clip)

 I put a large cable tie around the clip as this aids pulling it off and helps you to aviod dropping it into the engine bay and onto the under tray

Now drag the pipe out

To fit the new one, fit the C clip first into the groove on outside of the intercooler pipe still on the car and check its in the correct position (the wire of the clip should be visible when you look inside the pipe if its correctly placed in its groove.( the wire clip can fit either way up)

Now warm the new pipe up (on a radiator or by using a heat gun/ hair dryer) as it needs to be soft to bend into position (Don’t forget to put the jubilee clip on pipe before re-fitting) Line up the lugs on the new pipe up with the grooves on the inside of intercooler pipe and push it firmly home with both hands( a bit of lube may help here) till you hear and feel a click as it locks into place. Now check its fully locked into place by giving it a good pull and check that the c clip is still in place (the rim around the pipe sits flush with the rim of the intercooler, if its not flush its not pushed home enough)

Now work the top of the pipe onto the inlet manifold, starting from the back side (you may need the hair dryer or head gun again here) and then tighten up the jubilee clip


Refit the slam panel and grill JOB DONE



This pipe is a common problem wth the CRD (I have now replaced 11) To check your pipe, put your hands down around the pipe (you will find it between the radiator and the inlet manifold).

lf your hands come out with a black sticky oil on them then 9 times out of 10 your pipe is split


This is what the pipe should like like

c 009

This is a spilt pipe, note the black sticky mess


This is the worst pipe I have ever removed. the car was still runnig......slowly !!!