Dodge Nitro Handbrake Adjustment

The system on the dodge Nitro is VERY similar to the 300C and that includes its faults. If you have a look in the 300C workshop you will find that the 300c has a very common problem with the handbrake actuator, which due to the lack of lubrication can seize up causing only one shoe to enguage. but in this case the problem was different

The car is owned by fellow DUXS members Daffy and Peking Duck and I was attempting to adjust the handbrake up alittle, but after removing the wheels to inspect the mechanism I was unable get the nearside hub off. This was because the hub had a very slight lip to it and I couldn't  find the adjuster wheel through the hole in the brake backplate. The other side was no problem, but on the nearside I just could not find the wheel.

On looking closer I discovered that the adjuster had been put on upside down and the adjuster wheel was out of reach!!! So I made up a tool to reach the wheel out of an electrical screwdriver and after alot of buggeration I finally got it off


Here is a shot of the offside with the hub ready to go back on after servicing, Note how the handbrake adjuster wheel (the part with the teeth) is at the top of the adjuster and so can be adjusted through the small hole in the backplate ( visible at the top centre of the picture, just below the top brake shoe)

In this shot you can see how I found the nearside. Note the adjuster wheel at the bottom and so not lining up with the access hole in the backplate, (The small scratches you can see on the teeth are from the screwdriver I had to bend up )

I wonder how many more Dodge Nitros were assembled that day like this at the factory

Finally here is a shot of the dredded actuator (centre) Looks like I caught this one just in time before it seized solid.

Note this was assembled with no lubrication from the factory... just like on the 300C's