Replacing the Drop Links

Yet another episode in the continuing story of the 300C's noisy front end. This time its one of the simplists and one of the cheapests ones to do.


OK lets get down and dirty!!


Lift the front end of the car and remove both wheels


The drop links connect the anti roll bar to the front suspesion, in this case, directly to the upright.To check the drop links for wear, grab hold of the link rod and pull and push it, all the time looking for movement in the ball joints, Another way is to try and twist the rod by hand, if you can......change them, the ball joints are way to loose


To remove the lnks all you have to do is to release the the two ball joints at each end. Well, it may not be as easy as that, the threads have a habit of rusting badly! So before you try a spanner on them, give the exposed threads a good wire brushing and a spray with WD40 or Plusgas etc



After giving them a few minutes you can then remove the nuts using a spanner and a suitably sized socket on the end of the shaft


After years of removing rusted nuts and bolts, I have come up with a good tip that seems to work for me:




When you start to undue the nut, dont stop till its completly off, if you do the heat you are generating undoing the nut will sieze it onto the bolt


The lower balljoint is removed in the same way. Its then just a simple matter of replacing the old with the new







And there you go, new and shiny (for a while) drop links




Or Anti Roll Bar Link Bars

The front suspension of the 300C is its achilles heel, causing all sorts of complants of knocks rattles and bangs. I think this stems from the suspension layout being based on  components derived from the W211 Mercedes-Benz E-Class but made from heavy cast steel rather than the light alloy Mercedes use. I have found it difficult to diagnose these faults and indeed so have many MOT inspectors, judging by the number of failed components I have found just after cars have passed their MOT. I therefore tend to start by replacing the cheapest and easiest component first (unless the failure is obvious) when tying to cure a noisy front end

The order I change components is;   1st Anti Roll Bar Bushes    2nd Drop Links (or Anti Roll Bar Link Bars)    3rd Tension Structs,     4thTop Wishbones( or Upper Control Arm)     5th Lower Control Arm  and    6th  Lower Ball Joints