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Screen 6

AutoHLSens - Current value of the light sensor for the automatic headlight system (instantaneous).

Higher Number = Darker


TC - First number is a dampening (averaging) value, the higher the number, the more dampening occurs.


i.e. Higher the dampening value, the longer it will take for the lights to come on when it gets dark and longer it will take for the lights to go off when it gets bright. So if you go through a lot of short tunnels and don't want the lights to keep going on and off, increase this value.


Second number is the damped sensor value.


Thld - Current threshold value. If damped sensor value exceeds this value, lights will come on. If damped sensor value goes below this value, lights will go off. (A number and up to 2 alphabets)

A = Automatic Headlights On

H = SmartBeam Automatic High Beam System On


HBduty - Shows the current intensity level of the SmartBeam system, 0% = off, 100% = full high beams.


Available Actions:


♪ Increases dampening value (max out then loop back to lowest value)

▸ Increases threshold value (max out then loop back to lowest value)


Screen 7

LastChm - Last Chime What caused the last alert chime to go off. i.e. "Brk Fluid" - brake fluid light, "Airbag" airbag light


Great for alerts that don't leave a "residue" so you can find out what the last ding was trying to tell you.


VTA - Vehicle Theft Alarm If alarm was triggered, value indicates the sensor that caused the alarm to go off, i.e. fault code.


Wake - Indicates how the car was turned ON, i.e. "CAN Bus" = Remote starter.


VMM 646 - Unknown


Screen 8

Current battery voltage bar chart and exact voltage reading.