Front Anti-roll Bar Bushes


Badly worn bushes are an MOT failure so it’s worth keeping an eye on these. My PT was a 2002 with 38000 miles on the clock when I changed mine and the bushes were badly worn (I would have failed them)


This is an easy mod/repair, which will improve your handling (help to reduce body roll at the front) especially if you replace them with Polyurethane bushes.



You need standard hand tools to do this job





1. Jack the front of the car up and rest it safety on axle stands with the wishbones hanging free

2. Undo and remove the 4 bolts that fix the bush mounting brackets to the cars sub-frame (use UB40 first!!!)

3. Pull down the ant-roll bar ( it will hang on the link bars)and remove the old bushes

4. Clean the anti roll bar and brackets of all rust/flaking paint etc (if you have time, paint the area with hammerite or similar)

5. Fit the new bushes to the bar after putting a little grease around the bar ( use the lube in the kit if you are fitting poly bushes)

6. Offer the bar up to the sub frame and refit the mounting brackets


job done!