Front Anti Roll Bar Link Bars

I have seen quite a few of these that have corroded and snapped off when  doing my PTI’s (Petmans Technical Inspections) There is also a chance that these will snap off as you remove them when changing the wishbones.

To change them is a pretty simple job, as you don’t even need to remove the wheels, but the use of a trolley jack will make things easier

Jack the car up completely at the front then support the car on axle stands placed under the cross member

Then remove the old bars, using a hammer to remove the remaining bits if they have snapped, or pair of larger mole-grips to hold the top bush and a spanner or socket and ratchet on the bottom nut

Take a note at the order that the bushes come off , basically there is a bush either side of the Anti- Roll Bar and the Wishbone with a spacer in the middle. Have a look at the PT Companies picture if you are not sure (

To fit the bars, thread the washers and bushes as you push the bolt up from the bottom. If you are changing one side only the you may need a pry bar to lower the Anti-Roll Bar to get the bushes in. But if you are replacing them both then just simply do one side at a time but only starting the nut at the top with a few turns to give you room to get the bushes in on the other side. ( you may need to use the trolley jack under the Anti-Roll Bar to compress the bushes to aid getting the nuts on. Then tighten both sides up, until you have about 10mm of thread showing. I have found this about right for both standard replacement bars and the Poly ones


This is what was left on a car after the Link Bar had snapped

 (Thanks Nigel)


This one snapped as I tried to take it off, note how thin the bolt was in the area it broke

(Thanks for the use of your car Nigel)