Help Keep The Workshop Open


All monies raised will soley go to this website and nothing will go in my back pocket!

If I do start to break even, or even get into the black, I will spend the extra on things like OBD software, or specialist tools which I will test and review



This is a  free website and I intend to keep it that way.  


My intentions in the workshop area have always been to help PT, 300C and other late model MOPAR owners as much as I can by passing on my experiances, knowledge and information with no charge.


When I began to build the site, I started off by paying a small fee. but as the project progressed, I have kept adding more web space and pages, each time increasing my monthly expenses. I have recently  noticed that similar sites, such as Evilution, the Smart car website, have started to charge a membership fee ( in the case of Evilution £10 a year) to access some of the information

I do not want to go down this road  


If this website has been helpful to you, I would very much appreciate a small donation to help me defer some of my costs to keep the workshop alive and growing.