Lower Torque Arm Bush Checking and replacing


This is a large bush fitted to one end of the Lower Torque strut which connects the sub frame to the engine. This  strut  reduces the amount the engine rocks back when you dump the clutch when the light turns green! It is a MOT failure if badly worn so you are advised to keep an eye on it or listen out for a knocking noise when setting off or stopping sharply This is becoming more and more a problem lately and I am finding both petrol and CRD’s with this bush failure. I have also seen and heard of other problems leading from this initial failure , including ;

the shearing of the front bush mounting bolt

the stripping of the thread in the hole this bolt sits

On the CRD’s the failure of the oil cooler or its seals

And even in one case an engine almost falling out as other engine mounts failed


To check if you have this problem, simply open the bonnet and get someone to drive the car a few inches backwards and forwards, while you look for the engine rocking as the clutch bites

The strut is available as a full replacement part, or you could just replace the front bush with a polyurethane one.  You will only need standard hand tools to do this easy job.




1.Jack up the offside front and place it safely on a axle stand

2. Remove the wheel

3. Undo the  body to sub-frame reinforcement bar (pencil strut) top bolt  ONLY a few turns. (this bolt can seize and shear off if rusty and only needs to be loosened) a spray of UB40 (WD40) can help here LOL

4. Remove the bottom nut from the Pencil Strut, again UB40 will help as well as a cleaning of the exposed threads with a wire brush. Swing the strut out of the way

5. Remove the front portion of plastic inner arch

6. Support the engine with a trolley jack, this will aid the lining up of the bolt holes and stop the engine moving too much

7.Undo and remove the front and rear bolts securing the engine torque arm and remove , UB40 time again

8.If you are replacing the arm with a standard one it is now a simple task to replace the arm, refit the plastic inner arch and the pencil strut

9. To fit the poly bush, follow the instructions that come with the bush tip.The two halves fit one each side of the old bush and are then secured with the aid of two cable tie type clips that pull the two halves together sandwiching the old bush in the middle

IMG_0011 (2)

The top bolt of the Pencil Strut, a quick spray with UB40 then undo just a few turns. This bolt is commonly snapped off, but you only need a few turns to lift the stut over the bottom bolt


Remove the bottom nut completely


Here's a front bush in good condition, I'll post up a picture of a damaged one the next time Isee one

TIP; When replacing the front bolt, use a little thread lock...they have been known to vibrate loose !


Here are the two havles of the ploy bush that fit around the old bush


Close up of a damaged bush

(Picture suppiied by Don and Daisy Duck)