I spent a happy hour the other day just trying to get the wheels off a Dodge Nitro!!


All the wheel nuts and locking wheel nuts came off ok, but the the wheels would still not budge. I pulled and pushed and even hit the rims with a rubber mallet, but still no luck.

In the end the only way was to jack the car up fully and put it safely on axle stands and climb underneath with a 4lb lump hammer and a length of 2x2inch wood (to protect the rims) I then gave them numerous very hard wacks, while Daffy Duck (the owner) turned the wheel.

Eventually they came off !


Now if this had been on the hard shoulder of the motorway, with a puncture to one of the tyres in the pouring rain this would not have been very funny at all.

You have been warned !!


If you own a Dodge Nitro or any other car with alloy wheels coat the centre of the wheel where it sits on the hub with copper grease, otherwise corrosion between the dissimilar metals of the steel hub and the alloy wheel will cause the wheel to seize on to the hub.