Oil Filter Change Tip

Just a quick one


When changing the oil filter, you will be supplied with the filter element itself, and two O rings. The small one is for the top of the filter holder and the big one is for the main seal.

Please make sure, that when you replace the main one you place it in its own groove and NOT at the bottom of the threads. I must admit that the first time I changed mine I did place it here.......and it started leaking as soon as I started the car up!


When you replace the filter, coat the seals with a little engine oil, you will then feel the seal engage in the casing as you tighten it up, keep going till it is tight (the touque setting is marked on the top) You should NOT be able to see the O ring



I have recently heard that this mistake was made by a Chrysler main dealer ! ..BUT the seal did not fail until months later when it covered the engine in oil !


Here is the main O ring sitting in its own groove and NOT in the groove at the bottom of the threaded section