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When using a pair of spring compressors to release the pressure on the spring,you can now  simply turn it around to get the bolts out

Not much room up there, but after removing the nuts.....this is easy !

After removing both bolts its now just a case of pulling the old arm out and replacing it with the new one and putting everything back together


Holding the bolt in place using a pair of molegrips on the bolt tab will help you to get that bloody back nut back on

Don't forget to turn the spring round so that it seats into the rubber top mount correctly before you let the spring compressors off.

When you come to mount the ball joint you may find that the whole thing turns with the nut, placing a pry bar in the spring and putting some weight on the joint, forcing it into the upright to stop it turning

Before you finally tighten up the front and back nuts, place a jack under one of the bottom suspension arms near to the brake disc and take up the weight of the car. Tightening the the nuts at ride height will reduce the strain on the new bushes and let the car settle correctly

Side note

The first time I did this job I did it "by the book" and removed the suspension strut  so I could get to the two top bolts with ease. All went well till I came to refit the strut......Working on my own, as I do, I found myself needing to lever the strut down at the same time as lining up the three studs that come through the inner wing.

So here I am with my foot on a large crowbar jammed in the lower suspension forcing the strut down as I tried to line the three holes up with the studs, when the crowbar suddenly slipped, trapping my thumb between the strut and the inner wing!!


I was trapped, I couldn't reach the crowbar and there was no one about to help. There was nothing for it but to rip my thumb free!

Needless to say there is now a 300C driving around with a piece of my flesh trapped under the nearside suspension strut