Parking Brake Check

I have  now serviced and worked on lots of 300C's and seen some interesting things over the model years, one of which is the parking brake cable connector at the at the pedal end. It seems there are two different ways in which the main cable joins the pedal cable, one of which can and has caused a problem


This is the cable connector in my car (2006 CRD) You can see that the main cable coming from the rear comes up through the floor behind the foot rest and is held in a bracket. The cable end, which has a barrel on the end then clips into a double ended connector which as a slot in each end that the cable is inserted into

But as you can see in this picture not all cars are the same. This is a shot from a 2008 CRD and you can see that the connection between the two cables is made in a totally different way. The main cable enters up through the floor in the same way but is then held by a different bracket and is in turn connected in a different way to the pedal cable. The end of the main cable seems to have the same end fitting but is inserted into a sort of cage fitting

This is how I found this car with the cable detached from the cage

The cable had fell out of the cage as the driver released the the parking brake by just letting go of the lever. This had caused the pedal cable to retract quicker than the main cable and so it was pushed out of the cage

As you can see in this picture I have placed a cable tie around the cage so blocking the cables exit should this happen again

A quick simple and easy fix, I think

At the monthly meeting of the AACNW I was able to inspect ten 300C's and came across a further two cars with this cage arrangement. Both these cars were facelift models (2008 and after) but I did notice that other facelifts did have the double ended type connector, so I cannot give a date when the connector changed type


It therefore maybe an idea for you to check which connector you have, and add a cable tie if you have the cage type