How to Help

Don't we all love it!! You can give me cash when you see me out and about at shows and events etc or if you visit the workshop

Let me first say, that I am not looking of hundreds of pounds here ( unless you are feeling really flush!!) just enough to keep the workshop site going and maybe expand it would be great

You can send money using your paypal account, and I believe you can even use this method if you haven't got an account with paypal. Please send it as a "gift" my email address for donations  is


Just click on the link

Yes I will take anything (well almost) that I can use to help offset the the website providers costs, including car parts (late model MOPAR only) or consumables I will use in the workshop including oils, grease and of course good old WD40! or anything else that will be of use to me

                                         THANK YOU