Pollen filter change

I can honestly say I have never changed one of these on any car I have owned or work on, but I might now !



The first time I change one of these filters I was shocked just how dirty it was. If you are unhappy with your ventilation, heating, de-misting or AC, I would recommend this filter is changed as a first move.


Here's the how to


1 Lift the bonnet and remove the retaining screw/clips from the near side grill that goes between the bottom of the windscreen and the engine bay itself. To remove these screw/clips, first unscrew and/or  prise out centre Philips screw part then lever out the outer ring clip. They are weird little things, designed for easy fit (the outer ring is pushed home, then the centre “screw” is push in expanding the little legs)

2. Now carefully remove the grill and expose the window washer bottle and the AC filter

3. Undo the three 10mm screws that attach the bottle and gently rock it forward to allow you to pull out the filter element

4. Fitting is, as they say the reverse of these instructions


Please note that some Petrol PT Cruisers were never fitted with a pollen filter or filter housing, so please check yours before you go out and buy one. All diesel PT,s were fitted with a filter



This was a filter I removed after only 12 months

 (Thanks to Savoury Duck for the use of his old filter)

I also recommend using a Air Con sanitser/deodoriser spray to keep the system clean and smelling sweet