One of my good, PT owning friends, had a problem with his power steering, it was very noisy when turning and he was losing fluid from the reservoir


        Fearing a problem with the pump or even the rack itself he dropped it off with me to have a look at it for him. On starting the engine up the next day all seemed ok till I turned the wheel and the noise started. It sounded like it was low on fluid, but after checking I found the level was ok,so I took the car out for a short test drive ( the owner also wanted me to have a listen to some front end noises) and on return I again checked the was foaming!!

         So had I feel of the feed and return pipes while I had our Postman turn the steering for me (he's very handy for things like this and I often use him for bleeding brakes etc if no one else is about) I could now feel the pipes pulsing and the noise was definitely coming from the steering pump.

          I then drained the foamed fluid out of the reservoir using a large syringe (you could use a turkey baster,but please don't put it back in the kitchen drawer!!!! she will go mad and it will ruin the gravy!!!). I got about 3/4 of a Pot Noodle pot out and then found the gauze filter at the bottom of the reservoir which was clearly blocked,so decided to see if I could give it a clean.

          I removed the 2 bolts which mount the reservoir to the engine (very hard to get to) then removed the 2 clips that secure the feed and return pipes, not an easy job as the clips are those very strong spring clip type, but luckily I have a locking removing tool made especially for these clips. I then back flushed the reservoir using brake parts cleaner until the filter was clear, before replacing the reservoir and topped it up with new fluid.......and hey presto no noise !


So if you have noisy power steering get yourself a turkey baster and check that filter.


You maybe able to clean the gauze without having to to remove the reservoir by carefully scrapping the gauze with a screwdriver wrapped in a clean rag, but be sure to top up the fluid with the correct stuff, it must be Mopar ATF+4

( Most parts shops sell it, look for it in the COMMA range stocked by most shops)


Be sure to use the correct fluid for the power steering, I used a syringe with some vacuum pipe attached,to remove the old fluid, but a turkey baster would work


The syringe in action


(Big thank you to Rusty for supplying the pictures)