Rear ABS Tone Ring

This has become a common problem, but can be sorted very cheaply as long as you are handy with the spanners

First of all, make sure this is your problem, have the car OBD scanned with a scanner that will cover ABS and traction control modules, make sure the problem is not just the sensor and you are working on the correct side ( usually the nearside)

If this problem was taken to a dealership for repear, the whole driveshaft would be replaced !!


Lets get started!

1. Jack the car up and remove the wheel You are going to have to remove the hub nut!  9 out of 10 times this will be very badly corroded, this must be cleaned off before removing

The nut is on there TIGHT! I trick if you haven't got impact tools is to knock the centre cap out of the wheel, then put it back on and lower the car to the floor. you can then us a strong arm (and sometimes a pole on that to undo the nut)

2. Remove the brake caliper (I hang it out of the way using a bundie cord)

3. you basically now remove all the suspension arms connected to the hub, bar the bottom joint


 This is a good one, most are just a pile of corrosion


All links removed bar the bottom one and the driveshaft

out of the hub

4. Now push the driveshaft in towards the diff, while pull the hud down. Its tight but it will come out with some huffing and puffing

5. Now you will be able to see and remove the old tone ring. Tap it off with a small punch, note the way it went on, then clean the area up with a wire brush and emery cloth (I use a dremel with a wire disc)

6. Now carefully tap on the new one the same as the old one came off (You can buy a tool to press it on, but if you are careful ....)

7. And thats it, now all you have to do is put it all back together

I have heard of the dash warning lights going out when the car is driven for the first time. but I clear the fault using my scanner first


A new ring, sold in pairs on Ebay (cheap as chips)

note the rim on the inside


This one came off in one piece...Just Note the inner rim, make sure the new one goes on the same way


When I drag raced my 300c I found that after 3 or 4 runs the ABS/traction control warning lights would come on for the nearside rear. It seems this can be a problem when drag racing on prepped tracks. The nearsde hub nut can start to undo and the first sign of this is the dash warning lights coming on. At first I replaced the nut with a new one, but found this was worse, so I got into the habbit of checking the nut though the centre cap of the wheel every few runs and before I drove home

Thanks to Michael Holding for the use of his car in the making this page