Rear Anti-Roll Bar Bushes


These are similar to fit as the front bushes, but with one large exception! There is a big chance that the bolts will snap off when you try to undo them.


The two bolts that hold the bushes in place are over an inch and a half long with most of the thread sticking out of the axle and open to all the elements. So has you undo the bolts they lock up on the rust and snap off leaving you with two options. Either drilling the old bolts out and fitting a new nut and bolt or welding a new nut to the axle




You take your time and use a lot of the trusted UB40.

First clean the bolts off with the wire brush then give them a good spray with the UB. Then start to undo the bolts, turning them until you start to feel them seizing.

Now stop, re-tighten and give them another brushing and spray, then try again. Keep doing this over and over again and slowly the bolts will come out, good luck!!

You can now remove the brackets and the old bushes

Refitting is, as they say “the reverse of this procedure” but  remember to use the special grease if you are fitting the Poly bushes

I would also coat the exposed threads of the bolts as they appear though the axle with heavy grease, you never know you may have to do this job again and this will make it a lot easier.



Here is a shot of the bar removed from the car, bend back the tab with a suitable bar to get at the rbber bush


This bush looked in good shape when just looking under the car,but when the link bar bolts were removed from the inner arches, the bar swung down under its own weight and you could move it very easily from side to side. These worn bushes were the cause of the loud banging a rattles that could be heard while driving.