Rear Anti-roll Bar Link Bars

I don’t think I have ever come across these in a poor state or any that have failed, but if you are changing the Anti-roll Bar mounting bushes with poly ones, you may as well change them as they come as a set

1.To fit then first jack the rear of the car up and support it on axle stands so that the back axle swings free (at the points where the rear axle attaches to the body is best).

2.Then take up the weight of the rear axle with a trolley jack and remove both rear wheels.

3.Now unbolt the Link-bars after a quick spray with WD40 or similar.

4.If you are now going to fit Poly bushes you need to remove the old rubber bushes from the Link-bars, either by burning them out with a blow lamp or a little petrol ( please, away from the car and be careful) or if you are lucky knocking them out with a hammer and drift.

Either way, you will then need a bench vice to push the new bushes into the bars. I use WD40 to help them in, but if you do the same be sure to clean it off before using the special lube that comes with the kit, as WD40 breaks this lube down (which is a good tip if you get this very sticky stuff on your hands)

5.You can now attach the bars loosely to the Anti-roll bar after applying a little of the special lube to the bolt contact areas.

6.Do the same with the top bolts, using the trolley jack to lift or lower the axle to line the bar up with the hole in the body.

7.Now tighten up all the bolts….and your done!


Obviously if you are just replacing the bars with standard type rubber bushes you can miss out the removing of the old rubber bushes and just fit the complete new Link-bars







Besure to spray WD40 or similar around these bolts, you don't want them snapping off (Thank to Nigel again for the use of his car)