Fitting New Rear Shock Absorbers

Rear shock absorbers are a quite common fault and reason for MOT failures on the PT, luckily its an easy job (if everything goes to plan) and not too expensive.

To fit a new pair (I always fit them in pairs) follow the instructions below

1. Jack up the rear of the car and support it on jack stands at the pivot point of the rear suspension arms so that the suspension hangs free, then remove both rear wheels

2. Now wire brush the exposed threads of the shock absorber mounting bolts and give them a good spray  with WD40 or penetrating oil

3. Place a jack under the rear axle and take up the weight

4. Now remove the two bolts of the shock, taking care that they don’t seize. If they do, re-tighten a few turns and apply more WD40, do this repeating as necessary until they are free. Take your time and don’t force them, you don’t want them to snap. This is especially true with the top mount as this as a captive nut (the nut is welded to the mount) and will require drilling and/or welding if the bolt should snap off in the nut

5. You can then remove  the old shockers and offer up the new ones. Fix the top bolt first and use the jack to lift/lower the axle to line up the bottom bolts.

6. Replace the wheels and lower the car…..job done!


Note; The plastic mud guard fitted to the stock shock absorbers can be a source of a rattle, this can be cut off completely or secured with cable ties, to do not have to replace the shocks to fix just the rattle